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‘Follow-Up: One Of The Secrets To Success!’

Did you know that less than 80% of sales leads from trade shows get any follow-up action? 80%!!!! Trade shows and conferences are happening all the time – they are an ideal way to get out there and meet people – YOUR people.

What is it about doing follow-up that has entrepreneurs frozen in their tracks? Based on the work I do with my coaching clients, I know that many of you just don’t know what you don’t know.

I, personally, love doing follow-up so the purpose of this article is to give you a few of my success tips. They work for me and they can work for you too.

  1. A simple hand-written note. This tends to be a lost art. Buy some quality, attractive note cards and send along a simple note to follow-up on the contact that you made. Suggest an appropriate ‘next step’ in your note – coffee? Phone call? (something!)
  2. Send an interesting article! You would have had some kind of conversation with the person you met at the networking event. What was their area of interest? Find an article to complement that- and send it along – either electronically or in hard copy (I prefer the latter because most people don’t do that.).
  3. Share a resource. Again, I make the assumption you would have had a decent conversation with the new person and so, perhaps, you have an ideal resource to recommend to them. Send an e-mail to that effect – keep the conversation going.
  4. Connect on social media. Get connected in this way – and stay in touch. One thing I ensure is that I find out their birthday – and am certain to follow up. Everyone loves to be acknowledged on their birthday.
  5. Invite them to an event that you attend regularly! Perhaps that person is looking to expand their network – and who isn’t? Be sure to follow up with them to share the information and extend an invitation.

These are just some of the things that I do for follow up. It is a revenue-generating activity that is certain to help you grow your business. Most people drop the ball – don’t you be one of them!

Which ones will you do this week to follow up with new contacts? Tell me about it……

Please share your thoughts!



2 Comments to “‘Follow-Up: One Of The Secrets To Success!’”
  1. Thanks for these tips Pat! In many cases I find that when I follow up with potential clients they are actually happy that I did. People get so busy, so caught up, that you can’t take it personally when they don’t respond right away to your offer. I have not tried all of the tips you mentioned though. But am happy to incorporate them into my business going forward.

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Great point you make – we always feel that people will respond to our agenda and our timeline, forgetting that they all have a life. It is critically important to follow up, with the mindset of being ‘of service’ (not to close a sale) – it’s amazing how your business can/will grow then.

      Have fun doing it,


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