Here’s what others are saying about Pat:

The results of working with Pat as my coach have included:

  • a new product which is unique and will catapult me to high levels of visibility and income (I never would have thought of this by myself!)
  • Inclusion in a master mind group of supportive, highly-competent people with diverse skills which dovetail with my needs. It’s as if I fell into a ready-made team specific for my business.
  • Provision (from Pat) of detailed materials and information with which to approach people and situations I would never have known how to approach on my own (or dared to approach!)
  • Creation of a signature talk (and a fee schedule!!!!!) for speaking engagements
  • The best part about this experience so far has been the exciting feeling that I am on a fast train to a whole new level of life.
Lynette Crane
Speaker, Writer, Coach
The Stress Expert for Harried Women

What has changed for me since working with Pat is a very high level of confidence and knowledge when it comes to attracting ideal clients, marketing my services and making money. I have clarity and know exactly what I need to do, each day, to succeed – I have a plan!

While working with Pat, my business has tripled—number of coaching clients and income. I have a powerful signature talk and great content for my workshops………Now I’m being paid for what I LOVE to do.

Holly Eburne
Health & Wealthness Life Coach

Since working with Pat, I have cut through the debilitating fear of making mistakes. I have increased my number and quality of clients….which includes finding my ideal clients, developing a basic website, creating a winning promo kit and setting my pricing. Pat’s knowledge and network of contacts has led to me being a published co-author this year……I have already got my money’s worth and more. I know i will continue to succeed if I follow Pat’s advice. I would not have made this much tangible progress without her help and without the support of the virtual master mind group. I highly recommend it.

Caroline Donnelly
Author of “Change Your Life in 7 Steps”

Before working with Pat my business, Reiki & Allergy Corrections by Sue, was struggling. I only had one or two clients per year. I had no idea how to market myself in this new economy. My computer skills were limited. While working with Pat, I was able to gain some much needed confidence. I learned how to market my product through direct sales and through social media which directed possible clients to my website. Because of Pat, I hired a Virtual Assistant who created my website and continues to take my ideas about my business and brings them alive. This took the pressure off of me, which had almost defeated me. As an added bonus, I am now able to be quite a bit more computer savvy! Last month I had 9 clients! They included not only clients to my office, but long distance as well and I sold a Reiki home study course. I have a client this afternoon for allergy work and two more clients booked for next week. I am also giving a public speech next week about energy work. Pat was instrumental in me developing my signature speech. She took the fear out of doing this, and was so supportive in the process! I was also part of a Mastermind group where we could voice our successes, concerns, and be supportive of one another. Pat also created a phenomenal 3 day workshop in October that I was fortunate to attend. This too gave me so many new tools for my business. I highly recommend Pat and the mastermind experience. Pat is supportive as you learn and grow. In a short call to you, you get a wealth of her knowledge! The best part is….Pat is funny! To work with Pat was so beneficial for me, and for my business. Even my husband sees positive changes in me. Thank you Pat! Sue White

Sue White
Owner – Reiki & Allergy Corrections By Sue

Before working with Pat I was a ‘hobby owner’ (someone who is running their business as though it was a hobby). I had very little knowledge about how to running a profitable business, and had no idea how to market, leverage my expertise, or grow my business. I felt like a hamster on a wheel – I was working hard but getting nowhere. Since working with Pat I have learned how to dream big, imagine the possibilities, and take action to make them a reality. I am no longer a ‘hobby owner’ and am now a ‘business owner’. With Pat’s advice, I have started working with a virtual assistant and am ‘growing my list’ of lives that I touch and help improve. I started working with Pat just over a year ago and in that time I have begun publishing a weekly ezine, I have created an IFO (irresistible free offer) for my website, I have contributed a chapter to a bestselling book, I held my first webinar, and I just released a free video series with tips to survive holiday parties. And the best part is that I have created an online weight loss mentoring program so that I can help even more people and begin moving away from a ‘dollars for hours’ business model. I have improved my confidence and productivity, and now feel like I have a really clear direction for my business. If Pat can help me do all of this in one year, then I can’t wait to see where I’m at this time next year!

Since I’ve been working with Pat in her mastermind group and one-on-one coaching……. I now have a clear view of where my coaching business is going and a strategy to get me there. I currently have a team of 3 virtual assistants. I’ve created a product to sell on my website. I’ve created coaching programs to maintain my clients and I am getting out there in a big way on social media……..If you’re looking to find someone who will teach you how to grow your business, you don’t have to look any further.

Curt Gorlick
The Life Choice Strategist

Her level of commitment, professionalism and expertise truly sets her apart in her field. “Out of the box thinking” that will help you knock your business goals out of the park…….. Exceptional value – yep, buy everything you can, subscribe to all she has, you will be paid back in spades with exceptional growth in your business practice! …… her expertise in helping business professionals drive business through your doors is unmatched folks…… bring Pat Mussieux on stream as your coach – she’ll make the journey an easier one!

Steve Brent AMP
Senior VP of Business Development
Executive Innovator FamilyLending and our Group of Companies

Before working with Pat, I would never have known the power of “getting out there” to speak to my target audience. Without Pat’s encouragement and guidance in establishing a strategic plan, I would have still been “spinning my wheels.”
I knew that I had the knowledge and experience, both personal and professional, to build a thriving Caregiver Coaching business; however I lacked the focus and a place to share my passion. Pat helped me formulate a strategy of warm letters, building relationships and seeking opportunities to share my story.
This consistent approach has paid off. I am now receiving invitations to speak in an expert capacity to employee groups in the workplace and target groups within the community. Not only is it building my client base, it is also providing a forum to truly hear the “pain points” of my target market.

Karen Fuller
Eldercare Specialist, Caregiver Coach, Speaker, Facilitator
Care Full Heart Coaching – London, Ontario



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