Wealth Makers Tour

Wealth Makers Tour – Get Clients and Make Money Now!

A half-day intensive – that will change the way you do business.

  • Are you ready to up-level your business?
  • Are you struggling to figure out the next step?
  • Do you still have to get ‘psyched up’ to close a sale?
  • Have you considered public speaking as a way to attract ideal clients?
  • Are you overwhelmed because you’re doing everything yourself?


You’re probably feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired!


August 21 – London, ON | August 26 – Mississauga, ON

September 19 – Regina, SK | September 22 – Edmonton, AB



Goal setting and good intentions are great…but without a sales strategy and a plan to take you from inspiration to success – and all the way to the bank – you’ll remain stuck doing what you’ve been doing for years…and spinning from the overwhelming pressures of debt, lack of time, and unfilled dreams.


Having a passion for your work and being an expert in your industry (niche) is essential, but it’s not enough. It’s time to face it. No matter what business you’re in – remember that you are IN business – you want to make a profit. Along with that, you want to work with ideal clients and have fun, too!

Client development and retention are the key skills in today’s economy. No matter how times may change, when you generate new work and new clients on a consistent basis, your practice will thrive. And so will you!

Join me to learn how you can easily attract clients and increase your revenue. I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars to break through my own mental barriers and stretch the vision for my own business. I know that not everyone is in a position to invest in themselves in this way so I’m going to share the enlightening secrets I’ve learned …secrets that will transform the way you do business and the way you grow your business.

“I attended Pat Mussieux’s “Attract New Clients” seminar and although I was expecting a lot to begin with, I got so much more out of it such as determining your “Why”, creating an action plan and sticking to it, the importance of getting out and meeting clients and more. Pat has a great way of pumping everyone up while at the same time making them accountable for their actions. If you have not attended one of her seminars, you really need to. I wish I had met her before I started my business as I would have been a lot further ahead! But now I really do believe I can succeed! Thanks Pat!”

- Donna Clark, DC Video Creations, Mississauga, ON


During this half day workshop intensive, you’ll learn:

  • To identify the ‘why’ of your business
  • To get clear on who your ideal clients are and how to attract them
  • To clarify your point of view
  • Where/when to outsource and delegate (hiring a VA, etc.)
  • How to identify your sales conversion numbers
  • All the reasons you need to ‘get out there’ and speak
  • How/why to re-purpose everything you do……..
  • To manage your time and your energy effectively
  • To avoid the BSO’s and apply the KLT and ELF formulas

and so much more!

March 2013 019


“I have to say since I was at your WealthMakers (2013) event on Tuesday my business week is finishing phenomenally. I truly believe it was you that made me put on my Big Girl Panties.  Here are the results:   I personally recruited 2 new consultants with qualifying orders.  Touched base with a couple of my “ABC”consultants … They both are re-activating and 1 is wanting to do a little more with MK now and is going to hold her 1st party since signing her agreement 1 year ago!(bit of phone fear was holding me back on her).   You sparked something in me that day and for that you should be excited that u did ignite something in me and  I am GRATEFUL!! I am going into July(Mary Kay New Year) with Enthusiasm!! – Michele Thomson, Mary Kay Cosmetics


I just had to thank you one more time for today. To be completely honest, this morning, I really wasn’t looking forward to today, and a couple of times the thought crossed my mind not to attend.

After 17 years of National Conferences and Leadership Summits, I have seen and heard a LOT of speakers. I can absolutely say, without a doubt that I got more out of our 4 hours together today than all the others combined. And the amazing thing is, I know it is just the tip of the iceberg! I am so looking forward to the Toronto event to hear all that you have to say.

I have a sense of focused excitement! Thank you!! – Penny Chmilar

August 21 – London, ON | August 26 – Mississauga, ON

September 19 – Regina, SK | September 22 – Edmonton, AB




Make a decision today to join us! I guarantee it will be one of your best investments this year…..




Pat Mussieux is fast becoming regarded as one of the voices for women’s entrepreneurial success. After leaving her 22-year marriage with virtually nothing, and moving across the country at age 55 to start a new life, she re-launched her coaching and speaking business – taking it from zero and growing it into a multiple 6-figure home-based business in less than 4 years. Much of her success can be attributed to her expertise when it comes to marketing, mindset and money!

Pat is an award winning-entrepreneur having won the GOLD STEVIE Award for Women in Business – 2012 Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada. Pat has been featured as an expert in both print media and on TV. She was nominated as one of the 2010, 2011, 2012 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurs of the Year; as well, She has been nominated for the Chatelaine magazine “Woman of the Year for 2011”. Pat is Founder of Wealthy Women Leaders, and provides business and success advice and resources to clients around the world. She is frequently named as one of the ‘Top 100 Women Business Experts’ to follow on Twitter.

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